A bit about me and how I came about this crocheting life of mine…313700_1015817_n

I grew up with my mom, sister and aunt that crochet, sew, knitted and much much more. As a child I could not sit still long enough to think it was fun. Then one day when I was living in Italy I wanted something creative to do, so I went to a yarn shop and I got 3 super cheap acrylic yarns and a nr 3 crochet hook, which by the way is still my personal favorite, and I started to crochet.

At the beginning I was selling amigurumi and keychains at local craft show in Italy but after a while I got a bit sick of making 20 keychain of the same kind over and over again. So I desided to come up with my own pattern. That’s when Aurora was born, my first seahorse crochet pattern. I was sitting in the university library when I made her and that got some looks :)!

Months later I moved back home to Sweden and got an idea. I had fallen madly in love with the African flower and the endless possibilities with them and I wanted to make and owl pillow! Who can resist owls! Maggie the owl pillow was a success for me so I continued to make patterns, creating, choosing colors, staying up all night to finish as soon as possible. After a while I realized that I could make this my life. I could if I wanted to live off what I had created myself, and I tell you, there is no greater feeling in the world!!

Fast forward to where I am today. Moved back to Italy. I’ve been designing and working to build my business for the past 3 years and I’ve loved it and hated it. It’s hard sometimes to create and get criticism. One thing has always been a dream I was never able to find time or money to fulfill and that is taking the freedom to create just about anything and to be able to share it with the world – for free. So this is where I’m at today. These lines were written before my free crochet pattern journey started.

And some pictures of my little baby. My chihuahua Kiwi!


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